Progress24th of December 2015

We are currently working on several details and little fills to make the next Rising Storm Album a complete journey of music.
Here is a little taste of the newer sounds.

Times Of Change04th of Oktober 2015

OldSchoolPic Hey Metalheads,
we have news for you.

After 10 great years with our friend Eric Grothkop aka "Bighead", we decided to go seperate ways. We had good times with many ups and downs and with most of all lots of music. Times are changing in the music buisiness and most of all in our personal lifes and we couldn't agree on how to go on and in what direction.

We wish you all the best for the future and stick to the music.

Metal on Eric !

We will be looking for a new guitar player intensivly during the next couple of weeks to be able to return to the production of the new album.

New Album Update08th of February 2015

OldSchoolPicIt has become calm around the storm, one might suspect. There have not been many posts or newsfeeds the last couple of month but that hasn't anything to do with calm on our part. We were actually really busy. During the last months we have been working hard to create new material for our next full length album. The progress is steadily increasing and we are eager to make the release in 2015. We have also spent a lot of time thinking about the direction Rising Storm is heading and what kinds of influences, sounds and styles can be found in our new work. We all pretty much agree on the fact that our new album shouldn't exactly be the same style as Tempest. Although totally recognizable as a Rising Storm Album with all the elements you guys liked in our previous releases. We believe in steady change over time and the variety in our music, which can be achieved this way.
So far we are really happy with our efforts and there is no doubt that this album will meet all the expectations of those who like the 'old stuff' and those who are looking for new innovative music in a bands development.
Something heavy is coming for you.


BOOM17th of July 2014

The Mixing and Mastering of our new single Treasures is finally completed and we are truly overwhelmed by the result. The acoustic jewel will soon be forged into a video. For this task our choice fell on Jonathan Stenger of Murky Waters, whose work has received outstanding reviews.
Now, in not nearly 2 weeks our path leads us to Slowenia. Play - Day will be Monday the 21th at 5 p.m. You can check the details at A great show waits for you guys.

We are looking forward to the paradise in Tolmin and we want to party with you guys all week.

Stay metal and enjoy the summer.
Your Rising Storm Team

The Holiday Season18th of December 2013

Hey Folks,

During the last weeks, we have been playing shows with �the Vorboten�, �Killfloor Mechanic� and each and every one of those shows has been really adventurous and thus inspiring.
Thanks a lot to those guys for that.
You can truly look forward to upcoming gigs, because they will be impressively interesting =)�
there is a lot of stuff planned for 2014.
At Tony�s Nothern Gateway Production our friends from �The Outside� recorded their bass and guitar tracks, which have turned out to be amazing, so be sure to check out their upcoming album.
And who is interested in some diversity during the usual Christmas procedure, should definitely peek into the Sage Club on December 26th in Berlin.
Every Event there is a blast and with us even more.

Erik, Tony, Eric and Karl wish you a holiday to relax

The Storm Proceeds13th of Oktober 2013

The first days of autumn arrive, nature is changing and also Rising Storm adapts to the new season. Next to new promotion pictures, which you can find in the �band� section, we are intensively working in the studio. The first instrumental material is already completed and as a consequence, the basic vocal structure can already be heard. Rising Storm is heading for the next album. At the moment, the topic of the new songs is being discussed. Therefor we are increasingly able to determine the path we are taking with this new project.
Although for details you just need a bit more patience. One thing is for sure� The STORM proceeds.
Get ready for our shows in November

15.11.2013 Bambi Galore � Hamburg
23.11.2013 Cadillac � Oldenburg
29.11.2013 Blackland � Berlin

Conquer The Sea12th of June 2013

OldSchoolPicOn the 5th of July Tempest will finally be released. Some of you might not have had to chance to hear us live yet to get an idea of what the new Album has to offer. For those and the rest of you, who are generally interested, we have posted a lyric video of the new Single �Conquer the sea� on YouTube. This is a first glimpse of Tempest and will surly kick you off your feet. Listen to the sound, feel the power and get into the tragic lyrics, but most of all, enjoy it.


Tempest release date announced25th of April 2013

OldSchoolPicThe 5th of July!

We are finally able to announce the official release date of �Tempest�. The 5th of July will be the day on which Amazon, ITunes and countless other distribution services will unleash Tempest upon the world. That is a very special announcement to us, because it marks the end of a really interesting and exciting but also difficult and stressful production process. Right after the initiating release of �Initium� we started writing the Material for the next CD and first full length album and all the work that followed from this day took up to three years until this very proud moment.
We really think you will enjoy those pieces of music, for we as the band are totally content with what we were able to achieve.

Tempest truly comes !

Tempest Comes - a look inside25th of March 2013

The Tempest vocal and string recordings have been a great experience so far. We are all stunned about the quality and power of the material. Additionally, we are progressing really fast and therefore we are be able to negotiate the details of the Tempest release with our label. In conclusion we are probably ready to announce a final date next month, but there will be another post about that topic.

Check out some of the moments in the studio, witness the birth of a storm.

Tony is tracking the Solo of the Song Shine.

Karl is recording one of the Ballades of the album.

Tony and Stefanie are recording a �Tales of Hope� duet.

Acoustic Guitar Recordings completed12st of January 2013

OldSchoolPic As one of the last remaining steps to record all the material for Tempest, Tony finished recoding the last acoustic guitars for the first ballade on the record, with the promising title Dreamwalker.
In total, we will have 4 songs, which will include acoustic guitar parts. The titles of those songs will be Revival (a prequel to the already prereleased song A Storm of Thoughts), the melodic title track Tempest, the already mentioned Dreamwalker and the last one is not yet ready to be revealed, for it shall be a surprise. In contrast to our previous E.P. Initium, the range of instruments in play has been significantly increased. Therefor we have reached a wider variety in our possibility�s to express the music. Tempest comes!

�Tempest� - Artwork revealed15th of December 2012

OldSchoolPic After more than six month of intensive work, Dark Prince Graphix was able to deliver a really impressive piece of art. While the different designs and graphics needed for Tempest were with regards to the content well prepared, he was always able to add and improve the ideas with an extraordinary way of thinking.
Next to the music, the idea of the album and motivations for the album can only be expressed in the CD�s design and therefore we are happy and thankful that everything worked out so well. It has been by far not the first cooperation between him and the band and if things go as planned, it definitely won�t be the last!

We hope that you guys enjoy it as much as we do and we look forward to your reactions and opinions on it.

The Storm Alive in 201301th of December 2012

OldSchoolPicWe are currently working on expanding our tour schedule, concerning all kinds of booking options. The band has not been overly active in the recent past, because the production and recording of Tempest has been and still is, very time consuming. Furthermore, Rising Storm chose to await the release of the new album to start with a concert engage on a wider range. In 2013 although, we will do our best to get out of the studio and back on stage. Couse this music is meant to be played!

You can also find new pictures of our last Gig in the media section.

FSD for Mixing & Mastering of "Tempest" 01st of December 2012

OldSchoolPicFascination Street Studios and Rising Storm could agree on all the conditions for the Mixing and Mastering process of Tempest. We are really happy about this circumstance, because Andre Alvinzi and Jens Bogren, who will do the work are more than skilled in their profession. Tempest is from the start, aimed to reach a really high level of quality. The studio decision was therefore not an easy one. FSD is one of the few studios we could all agree upon and their references won�t make doubts an issue at all. We are positive that Tempest will sound like it was supposed to sound, now more than ever.