Let the acting begin
A play of deception and sin
The crowd cheers only for the bright, it must shine yea ah!

What do you see? … Use your eyes to unravel the scene
But not everyone will, not everyone can … so reflect without a screen.

The plot follows the script
Reality loosens its grip
The life that we know in disguise, it must shine yea ah!

Why don’t you see? … Control the media, control the scene
Try to struggle through, keep your vision true

Heed their eyes, neglect their words – when the feeling calls
Unveil the mask to seize control – when the curtain falls
A plot created, the mind has faded – in our theater halls

Hey, do you want to know? Do you want control...? Or are you scared?
What did you expect? Some delusional fact? Your thoughts won’t be spared.


1.Strophe - Thoughts of Zeus
Hey fool who are you to break laws?
Creating something new
No one in this world will get away with this.
Don’t you dare to try

Out of clay…They must pray
An attempt to survive is betrayal

2.Strophe - Thoughts of Zeus
No more… I will freeze off their dawn?
Your precious fire fades
Come on now … don’t you engage with your foolish tricks
Keep your dreams at bay
Out of clay…They must pray

To delude and deceive…
What could you need?
Is it freedom or peace?

Occasion makes thieves.
Presumption comes before the fall.

So let my aetos prevail
Torment – every day
The mount will be your jail

A gift from me
A Box of Scheme
Delusion... concealed indeed
A wicked deceit

To delude and deceive…
What could you need?
Is it freedom or peace?

Occasion makes thieves.
Presumption comes before the fall.

So let my aetos prevail
Torment – every day
The mount will be your jail

Interlude 2
Oh here I am,
Pulled down to earth by death yeah,
Ohh I’d wish he just led me fall now…

Oh here I stay,
Precious time has left me,
I’m feeding starving Eagles…

Ohh but I’ll endure it,
There is no deed I’d reset,
Not in a world, where I can feel

But I’ll endure it
My act was not in vain yeah
This torture just raises my ardent zeal


Once upon a time, a man deserted mankind
Born… to live his hate
Forsaken morality’s, a rampage of a blood beast
Fear… to judge his rule
Ohhh but he can’t escape the truth

A call of those who hide, the hour for all who lost their light
Hope… a precious thing
Day by Day it seems, he dishonoured our friends and banished the weak
Night by Night… he paid the price
Ohhh but he can’t escape the truth…

Dawn exposes his fright
Redemption at last conjures night

When the days turn black, when the dreams turn dead
Balance his deeds is a torment of eternity
Nightmares do what man cannot

Ohh men cannot touch me … you cannot hurt me,
But why am I suffering this torment?

In life you walk a line you should not betray,
A power was granted … given to everyone of us…
Justice, a virtue… a fortress… a memory he’ll not erase
A spark of hope for all those who fight


Meanings differ
Built up on sand
Liquid holds it together
Doubtful and for what it stands

A knife could free you when chained with rope
The hand could fondle the precious skin
Might and Power could keep the peace
It’s up to us

Appropriate handling
is expected of tools
Though the balance of action
Is distracted by fools

A knife could kill in a blink of eyes
The hand could form into a fist and fight
Might and Power could destroy the weak
Pick up your tool !
Over time, without an end - new pieces rise form shapeless hands

The forge of mind creates the meaning of tools
For what you see is what you believe
Perception changes but the heart must stay true
Pick it up and choose

What could you imagine?
What could you imagine it for?


A night full of rain and terror - the streets of London town
Groaning with pain - clangs in my ear - an unspeakable yell
The Tavern, it's source - I am full of remorse – nobody here cares
Dispute of two - this can't be true

Every order I obey is forced ... human nature has a primitive cause
Leave behind the chain...
Everything seems to change,
The inner me … drawn forth… a heedless act
The vision narrow…like a bull in a crimson cloak
My Rage is on - there’s no way to run - summon the beast...engage
Without a thought...considerateness... is just what's missing…
Restrain the beast … tame it to succeed

The knife unsheathed in Fury– the victim on the ground
My savage blow… meets the aggressor unprepared
You bloody mess …You will suffer … it’s your fault
I look up … she is looming over him … laughing
She calls me a fool

Yesterday night, the most gruesome criminal of our town could escape the clutches of London’s justice. She has been hunted down for month.
In the process of investigation numerous resources of the city were used.
When at last she was compromised by a lone policeman in a local tavern, an unknown stranger took him out violently and without any warning, helping her to escape.
The witnesses described the stranger as beastlike, bloodthirsty, unlike a human

How could this be wrong? … I was trying to help…. It felt so good, so true… no thought could equal the feeling of honest rage… Isn’t a man just a beast with a leash?




A spark of courage lightened the dark of / the craven once / the follower once
To set it free...fear must be embraced, then this feeling can be caged
The worst case... it’s always on our mind

To step up for the chance, to initiate the scene... you learn from defeat...what do you need?
Heads or Tails...satisfaction guaranteed the graveness of a deed, depends on your limits
The worst case... it’s always on our mind

On your road ... the distance is the key
Where you start ... doesn't change the way you feel
At any time the cost is worth the effort

You say…I will be brave to use my own keen intellect.To finally break down these .....walls

Every challenge has its gain... an advance towards your inner goal
The bounds of fear are constraining you... break out and relief will be rapture


Year one, it’s love
The chance has passed... a lonesome regret
For everything else… no tears I’d shed
The life of a lover, the decision I made
A wonderful woman, a devoted wife,
Though she has never been to the sea…
Follow the tideNo earth in sight
The guide of the night

Year 10 – The longing
During that time I was like clay…
Just getting harder and harder…From a Lover to a Stone
It was so exhausting
The knowledge – the waves are calling me to dance with them…again
Follow the tide
No earth in sight
The guide of the night
Just sky and...Follow the tide…
Water fights …No earth in sight…
For the realm…The guide of the night

In this life I can’t find the answer…
In my veins – blue salty blood
To sustain my bond with it
Leads me to the mirror of the sky

Future is running out
Patience does hurt,
Yet I am still here,

The tiring craving for the waves
Must finally come to an halt
Liquid salt runs free

Not like this, it shall not end like this
I will not yield to grief… I’ll shape fate


Breath out…I’m crushing my fears and
I sail out, to conquer the sea…. It’s my dream
A life of longing all behind
Though she never knew
The thrill that takes my thoughts away
Away from you…

Free of doubt… my work on this ship makes me feel proud...
At last I have dared to be free...
Forsaken lands are left behind...
The only life I knew...
The struggle to keep you off my mind
My thoughts of you...

The man of my dreams... Is what I will be...
Changing the course ... I will conquer the sea
Not without cost... to scorch what I was
What has been is lost... to feel alive...

Winds arise, forecasting a change...
it will rain at night

Overwhelming, Devastating,
Conquered by the sea


The light of your eyes shines through the clouds
Your love for me drowned by the sea

The Call of the sea took away from me
All of my dreams…
It’s salt that I breathe

It takes me, all is wasted
It scares me… Hope for reaching dawn

But never, oh o I’ll never
Live to share my Storm of Thoughts

With the canvas at stake, the mast will break
The loss of control
A rope in hand, delay the end
Fight for her soul

The light is so hart too see
These waves break my will to be
Hope has lost its fight
The rain washed away what might be…..

Rising Storm
Rising Storm




1.Strophe - King Agamemnon
Believe in me, I’m your Messiah
Believe in me, I’m Greeks desire
Troy’s fate will be sealed when the night kills the dusk of the day
Their power will be mine in Zeus name by the end of my stay

2.Strophe - King Agamemnon
Fight for me, I’m your MessiahFight for me, It’s my empire
The wife of my brother betrays him against our law
My army is waiting and we are on the edge of a war

Refrain - Hector of Troy
Iron Faith don’t break the oath,
The God of war believes in both,
But our strength, our supremacy,
Defeat the Greeks, for our legacy