Year: 2013


1. Tempest
2. Shine
3. Of Starving Eagles
4. Dreamwalker
5. The Tool
6. Animan
7. The Eagle
8. Anxiolytic
--- Tales of Hope ---
9. Revival
10. Conquer The Sea
11. A Storm Of Thoughts
--- Bonus ---
12. Iron Faith

The Bands efforts to compose and arrange an epic full length album concluded in a symphony called “Tempest”. After two years of intensive songwriting, Rising Storm was determined to unleash the material with the highest possible quality, to give the listeners an overall overwhelming experience. Therefor the best producers and sound engineers were asked to be a part in this project, who eventually all agreed to give the album their individual skills.
This album tells many different stories about the way life can separate the dreams from reality and the constant pursue of men to hold on to it.

Diary of the Sailor
69th year of life - the day of departure
Though each time through different eyes with different motives, yet it is always the same…the motivations and reasons that mark the difference between the right and the wrong, the power of virtue and morality and the hardship of desperation forge the path we take. This irritating game needs clarity, but it can only be gained by our minds.

To create the atmosphere needed, it is vital to variegate the style of music according to the plot and emotion supposed to be expressed. Thus, the album contains ballades, power metal and heavy metal songs combined with epic classical parts, being a mixture that is able to be acknowledged by a wide range of listeners.
Central storyline of the album is the struggle of an old sailor, taken away from the sea by life’s responsibilities. He is in a constant phase of discontent due to his inner breach. Only the hope of change is giving him the strength to proceed with his everyday life until dream becomes reality and the world he hungered for, takes him and leaves him with nothing.
Although “Tempest” is not a concept album in whole, it follows a basic pattern. Only the songs are not exactly linked to each other, except the “Tales of Hope” Trilogy, which is the foundation for the whole artwork of the album. Tempest will reach your heart and your mind.

Diary of the Sailor
1st day - the journey begins
What a day… so bright, so clear. The air smells of salt and victory. It is a good day to see a dream merge into reality. I am the smith at the forge of mind, hammering, creating thoughts with the anvil of will… I have been afraid too long, imprisoned by myself and chained with the manacles of love… No more! This battle I will fight with the weapons I created...This is a good day, thus finally, I will conquer the sea.


Tony Schumacher - Lead Guitar, Rythym Guitar
Erik Haus - Drums
Karl Bormann - Lead Vocals, Bass
Eric Grothkop - Rythym Guitar

Additional Information

All songs writen by Rising Storm.

Drums at LSD Studio, Germany
Guitars, Bass and Vocals at Nothern Gateway Production Studio, Germany

Mixed & Masterd by Fascination Street Studios, Sweden


Cover Art by Dark Prince Graphix, Mexico


Pictures by HelvaturePhotography, Germany

Label: SAOL Germany