Born: 9th of May 1990

Place of birth: Neubrandenburg

Influences: John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Michael Romeo, Steve Morse,Victor Smolski, Uli Jon Roth, Marcus Deml, Guido Bungenstock and Matthias Aklundh


How + why did you start playing/
Early Influences/ Musical training:

I think I started playing at the age of 12 or 13 years. During these times I was interested in a large spectrum of music. The first contact with metal I had with german powermetal bands and a little bit later I also listened to stuff like Metallica and even harder bands, like SixFeetUnder. I had lots of lessons with several teachers(same as Eric) and I reveived some special lessons from guys like: Victor Smolski, Uli Jon Roth, Marcus Deml, Guido Bungenstock and Matthias Aklundh at the Robert Johnson guitar Award. This was amazing because I was greatly influenced by some of those teachers, years before! Other important influences are: John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Michael Romeo, Steve Morse and non guitar players like: Russel Allen, Jordan Rudess, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, Bach, Mozart… Today I also take some piano lessons. One of my favorite instruments, closely following the guitar. When I joined the STORM, Eric, Karl and Erik were already jamming together. At this time they tried a lot of different band constellations and one day Eric asked me to jam with them, while I practiced in the rehearsal room of one of my old bands. I guess I made a good impression and therefore they took me. Today I'm also planning a little instrumental/studio project with 2 other great musicians, but after spending all my time with songwriting for Rising Storm, producing other Bands, practicing piano and guitar and doing live sound- engineer jobs (this is my real job)…there is not much time left.

Current gear:

Live Rig:
EVH 5150
Kemper Profiling Amp
Mesa OS 4x12
Line6 G90
T.C. Electronic Gmajor

Information about the studio gesar can be found at:
NG Productions

Ibanez RG Series, Custom Made RG made by Jaden Rose