Born: 20th of February 1990

Place of birth: Neubrandenburg

Influences: Matthew Barlow, Zakk Wylde, Russel Allen, Erik Hagstedt, Brian Hugh Warner, Brandon Boyd, Tim Owens, Eric Adams, Chris Barnes, George Fisher


How + why did you start playing/
Early Influences/ Musical training:

In the year 2002, at the age of twelve, I started teaching myself drums. In that time period I was part of a school band, already playing shows and own songs. Next to my activities in that band, I started taking guitar lessons at our local music school. Two years later, band and music school came to a fast ending. During the year 2004, two friends and me were forming up a new black metal band, in which I played guitar and did the vocals. We also did a couple of concerts and even released a demo in 2006. The band resolved in the year 2007. Only a short time afterwards I participated in a pagan black metal band. In December 2007, I became a part of Rising Storm. First as a bass player and at some point later I also did the vocals. For me it has been the biggest step in my life as a musician yet, concerning shows, skills and my voice in general.

Current gear:

Sandberg Custom California TM

Hartke VX 410

Bass Top:
SWR 550 X