Born: 9th of January 1989

Place of birth: Neubrandenburg

Influences: Richard Christy, Bobby Jarzombeck, Jason Rullo

How + why did you start playing/ Early Influences/ Musical training:

In late 1999 my father bought a DVD called „THE DANCE“ by Fleetwood Mac. The drummer of this band Mick Fleetwood totally impressed me by his characteristic way of playing. Since my Keyboard/ Piano development turned out to be less entertaining than I thought, it was about time to try something new. In January 2000 my father registered me at a private drum school named “Peters Drumschule”. The teacher at this school was a former metal head who had settled down. This way I got into metal. We were playing Metallica songs and stuff like that and after a while I wanted to proceed. During that time I met Eric and starting to jam once in a while. The whole thing began at our house attic and moved to several practice rooms over time. In the year 2006 I spent one year in the US and a friend of mine named Scott gave me my first Iced Earth and Symphony X CD’s. That stuff totally blew my mind and I started to take the music more and more seriously. Richard Christy and Jason Rullo in particular inspired me and pushed me forward to a new level. After I returned to Germany, I wanted to play metal more than ever and together with Eric we formed Rising Storm.

Current gear:

Tama Superstar Custom

Sabian AAX Series

Iron Cobra

Vic Firth 3a