Founded in 2008 – the Progressive Metalband Rising Storm came together, to ignite the Fire of Metal again with force. Therefore the focus lies on the compromise between an harmonic sound, a bashing performance and instrumental skills. Starting out, Rising Storm worked hard to cover music of their idols and realize some first progressing ideas. In this time period the band was able to gain a lot of stage experience and did reach after time a recognizable status in north Germany. Although it became clear fast enough, that the bands potential had a lot more to offer than playing covers. After an intense process of songwriting and recording, Rising Storm was finally able to release their first studio production. In April 2010, the E.P Initium reached the crowds, which means as much as the beginning. And that’s what it was… the beginning of a real Rising Storm….


In the early year 2007, Erik Haus and Eric Grothkop started forming the idea of a new music project after practicing and finding themselves for nearly the last six years. The concept was born out of the wish to play live shows with Heavy Metal Music. Since both of them were pretty young, 17 and 18, it wasn’t an easy start. The proper instruments were hart to afford and the rest of the band was still nowhere in sight. In consideration of the fact that there had been no material to play yet, both young metalheads decided to start off with Iced Earth covers. One desperate act followed another to keep the flames of metal alive and new band members came and went. Struggle would have been a good headline for the year 2007. However fall of the year 2007 brought a change of fate and a bit of fortune to the yet unnamed band. Next to the room in which Erik OldSchoolPic and Eric practiced, a Black-Metal band named Ismaahd, practicing there too, moved into the focus of Erik. An old friend screamed and played guitar in that band, his name was Karl Bormann. Even though Black Metal has never been their favourite music, both Erik/c’s couldn’t deny the character this guy had. Bass players have always been a rare sort of people so Erik asked Karl to join the band, starting off with playing bass. Until that time period a friend of the band named Ron sang. The problem was that Ron’s true occupation was playing guitar in a Metal-Chore Band called Bloodpunch. The annoying time issue couldn’t be avoided and so Ron left the band in late 2007. To keep up the steady pace the band had after finding the band name “Rising Storm” and learning new songs of their favourite artists, a new vocalist had to be found quickly. Karl, who already sang in other bands, was obviously worth a try. The first song he sang with Rising Storm was “Burning Times” by Iced Earth. Until that point no one in the band had ever heard Karl sing with a clear voice. After he did that song it did not take one word to settle the matter of finding a new lead singer. Karl agreed to his new duty gladly and improved his voice day by day. Rising Storm was now able to perform live. In early 2008 the band got somehow stucked in the progress of writing songs. Up to that point a friend of the band named Theo Prill played rhythm guitar. Although Theo could always play what was needed, his true occupations were OldSchoolPicthe drums. It was becoming clearer and clearer that he would not be the right choice for a long term band membership and so Theo left the Band in April 2008. Again Rising Storm was one man short. So the search began once more and this time it was way harder. A guitar player who was skilled and creative and most of all, without a band wasn’t likely to be found. After a few months of endless conversations and compromises Rising Storm was nearly at the point to give up hope to ever find someone fitting. The problem was that they always looked somewhere far to find someone, but all the changes within the local bands mostly happened unnoticed. Out of desperation Erik asked a very talented young practice room-neighbour named Tony Schumacher to join the band. He already played in a Rage Cover band so Erik didn’t believe in the chance of Tony’s agreement. But someday in the middle of 2008 Tony stood in front of Rising Storm’s door with a guitar in his hand and the hunger for Metal in his eyes. From that day on, all members of Rising Storm were able to play finally the metal they needed and lived for. Initium was but a step to fulfil the dreams of Rising Storm. A long road ahead and so much more power to give will make the future an Age of Metal.